Who do YOU want to be?

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Be true to yourself and think about it.

When you’ve submitted your thoughts in your head, feel free to scroll down.

I’ve always been a thinker. A person who thinks one step ahead at all times. I research a lot, wondering about the most strange things and do often find myself with documentaries about things I just want to understand a bit better. It can be anything, from jellyfishes to psychological actions. I just wonder a lot of things and I’m very curious.

I like to hear intelligent people talk. People who’s figured something out that most other people don’t and won’t ever understand. They won’t understand because, first of all they’re not interested, and second of all, they just don’t have that kind of thinking-personality. Alex Schulman is one person I’ve had a struggle with understanding for many years. I haven’t read his books and most of the things he and Sigge says in their podcast has for me been meaningless. Until the interview with both of them by Isabella Löwengrip. The background music, the camera-angles and their talking made me realize what I’ve never realized before. Their ”talk” isn’t humbug, they’re actually very intelligent and not that rude as I’ve always thought. They both have hearts and those are fragile, just as mine and, well, everybody elses.

”When you upload something on Instagram, you’ll see that some photos gets more likes than others. Not shortly after that you tend to upload photos that gets the most likes, not the ones you probably would’ve wanted to upload if you were the one to choose” – Sigge Eklund (even though it’s not quoted correctly).

This got to me. It’s something everyone struggle with everyday. I love social medias but I don’t think I understand how much it affects people. All of us. When a photo hasn’t gotten enough likes you delete the photo. Admit to yourself that you’ve done it sometime, or maybe a few times, because you know that you have, deep inside.

If likes wasn’t discussable, what would you’ve uploaded then? Outfit pictures? Art? Just photos of family? Seriously, what makes you happy? What do YOU want when society isn’t in the way anymore?

Just think about it for a second.


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