The beginning of summer

// top – A Day’s March / pants – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen / leather – Zara / bag – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen / hat – Beyond Retro / slip-ons – Joshua Sanders //

Nu är våren äntligen här! Och precis som vinter-eran slutar så gör även min praktik på RMPR detta från och med imorgon. Men, jag blir inte sysslolös för det, utan jag kommer hänga på J.Lindeberg framöver och jobba, från och med tisdag. Det ska bli så skönt med en lugn sommar med jobb, uteserveringar, utgångar och jobb. Ser fram emot en låååång och faktiskt ganska ansvarslös sommar. Nu vill jag bara njuta innan det är dags för studier och annat vuxet i höst. Sen blir det ju aldrig som jag tänkt mig och mitt liv tar mig in på nya vägar var och varannan dag, men jag ska i alla fall inte söka efter livet nu utan det får komma till mig.

// Spring’s finally here! And just like the winter-era stops here, so does my internship at RMPR, from tomorrow. But, this doesn’t make me idle, I will actually work at J.Lindeberg, starting Tuesday. It’ll be a calm summer with work, outdoor seated drinking and clubbing. I look forward to a loooong and an actually kind of un-responsible summer. I just want to enjoy life before it’s time for school and other adult-things that’ll be waiting this fall. Although I know that life gets me a hundred roads to walk, but this time I won’t be searching for life, it will have to come to me.

My latest obsession – black heeled shoes

Let me tell you something. Lately I’ve had such an obsession for high waisted, black straight trousers. Almost like a pair of suit trousers if you may. Those trousers to a pair of pointy black heels that stands out under the end of the trousers. Obsession is barely the right word. I’m more of addicted to it.

These are my favorite heels right now and I got them a few weeks ago. The thing I like is that the heel is about 8 cm, which is high, but not too high for a woman like me. I’m 175 cm tall and I really do like heels but mostly just daytime since they’re more appropriate in business situations. Night time I like them as well, but I prefer a lower shoe then. I prefer to be about 175 when I go out for parties. Day time though, 182 works fine. Forward powerful tall ladies, keep on moving forward! These ones truly makes me confident. You can find them HERE! (adlink)

Sorry about the low quality above.. // So. As I told you I would match the heels with a pair of long, straight trousers that would only reveal a bit of the pointy toe from the heels. The green velvet ones though are beautiful too and I’d love to match those to a jacket in the same color and material. Don’t you love it too?

Left HERE / Right HERE

Also, of course, a pair of tight leather pants are ALWAYS a great fit when it comes to high heeled boots. I love this match to a Chloé bag and a huge sweater. The glasses makes it a bit fanzy as well which I like. The cat eye is always a great, feminine touch.

Nostalgy-trip back to Gothenburg


I played it simple about a month ago when I wore this. The knitted sweater has been a favorite piece in my wardrobe ever since I got it back when I was 14 when I inherited it. It’s not in the best shape anymore, but I still love it. I think the jumpsuit matches it perfectly while being in the archipelago. A little countryside-chic, we can call it.

I actually lived on Tjörn which in an island in the archipelago of Gothenburg for about two months for an internship at NA-KD where I managed the influencer marketing. I loved the internship but Gothenburg was truly not my place to be, even though I enjoyed my time at Tjörn which was about an hour of drive from GBG. It was calm and silent, and even though that made me sad in the beginning, it became useful for me now and forward. I learned how to be alone and actually be okay with it.

Now, though, I’m back home in Stockholm since about a month ago, or maybe even a little longer. I like Stockholm, but I’ve realized that Tjörn is a perfect place for a future-country place. I wouldn’t be able to live there all year around, but during summer it made me happy and I felt comfortable being there for a while.

What would the end of summer be without an ice cream? Nothing, of course, so to end this blogpost I’m wishing you a happy weekend and I hope all of you are well. Until next time. ♡