Fever, shopping and high hopes

Hej på er!

Om jag visste att jag skulle bli såhär sjuk när jag bloggade om eventet häromkvällen så hade jag inte varit lika positiv. Från och med igår har jag haft feber, förätit mig på både Ipren och Zyx, liksom bara ätit glass och druckit te. Jag mår skit helt enkelt, så jag vilade ut hela gårdagen och idag fick jag vila fram tills att jag tog bilen till stan för att jobba två timmar för att stänga butiken.

// Hi guys!

If I knew that I was going to be this ill when I updated you about the event a few nights ago I wouldn’t have been as positive as I was. As from yesterday I’ve had a fever, overkilled myself with both Ipren and Zyx, and also just ate ice cream and drank tea. I feel like shit basically, so yesterday I slept the whole day and today I got to do that too until I had to go to the city to work 2 hours until I could close the store.

Jag har verkligen varit seg idag, men jag fick lite mental energi av min fina parkering jag gjorde uppe på Östermalm innan jag knallade ner till jobbet.

// I’ve really been low today, but I got some mental strength by my parking I made on Östermalm before I walked down to work.

Jag hade faktiskt energi till att äntligen testa DAY’s Plongy-skinnbyxor. Jag har sålt dem en del gånger och sett dem på andra men jag har aldrig förstått grejen. Nu när jag själv fick testa dem blev jag verkligen imponerad. Otroligt sköna och så himla fina. Det finns definitivt en chans att jag slår till! Skjortan är också från DAY’s nya kollektion, så fin!! Se till att kika förbi butiken om ni är i närheten hörni. Skinnbyxorna främst är riktiga kap!

// I actually had the energy to try DAY’s Plongy-leatherpants. I’ve sold them a few times and have seen them on others but I’ve never really understand why I should buy them myself. But now when I tried them on I really got impressed. Incredibly comfortable and so nice. There’s absolutely a chance that I’ll buy them! The shirt is also from DAY’s new collection, so pretty!! Ensure yourselves to check the store out if you’re nearby. The leather pants is truly a catch!

De där två timmarna gick långsamt, men jag köpte faktiskt en ny skjorta inne på Samsoe av min grann-kollega efter jag hade slutat. Det gjorde min kväll verkligen! Lovar att visa er bättre bilder en annan dag, för den här bilden ger verkligen inte skjortan sin rätta.

Nu ska jag sova så jag får vila bort min förkylning ännu mer. Håll tummarna för mig att den hinner lägga sig innan det är dags att bila upp till Åre på måndag. Äntligen!

// Those two hours passed by slowly, but I actually bought a new shirt at Samsoe by my neighbor-colleague after I had got off my job. It really made my evening really! I promise you to show you better pictures another day, because this picture really don’t show off the garments best sides.

I’m going to bed now and will try to sleep my cold away even more. Hold your thumbs for me so that it’ll go away before it’s time for driving up to Åre on Monday. Finally!


Skitrip booked!

Yes! Egentligen bokade jag och Isac en skidresa till Åre tidigare i år, men vi avbokade för att det var innan jag fick jobb och jag satt i Göteborg utan någon aning om ifall jag ens skulle ha en inkomst. Nu dock vet vi hur allt ligger till och bestämde oss därför för att boka resan igen. Vi kommer därför hänga på Tott hotell i en vecka och åka skidor och snowboard för fulla muggar. Superkul att det blir en skidresa i år igen!

// Yes! Actually I and Isac booked a ski trip to Åre earlier this year, but we canceled it because we didn’t know back then if I’d have a job, when I came home again, since I was in Gothenburg. Nu though, we’re in a great situation and decided to book the trip again. We will be staying at Tott Hotel for a week for ski and lots of snowboarding. So great to go on a ski trip this year again!

Why all of my blogs and posts are deleted

So, I just wanted to come on here for those of you who actually reads the blog (who are you by the way???) and talk about why I’ve done what I’ve done and actually what I did. So, I deleted all of my blogs, I even deleted my Twitter since all of my posts was posted there too. The reason for it is rather simple. I just got tired of people knowing everything about me and I knew nothing about them.

I happened to find myself in situations where girls (first and foremost) has read my blog and acted ignorant against me. So many times I found myself in thoughts going: ”okay, so they’ve read the blog, they’ve given some thoughts to it and has now an opinion about me while I have nothing on them and I can’t defend myself because I don’t know what they read”. Maybe that’s not the case, but in the end that was what made me delete everything.

Tourn though is a great place to blog and they even gave me my own web-adress, so I still wanted to keep it. I sat down and tried to come up with what I wanted to do with this blog and I figured that it would be too hard for me to just quit the blog completely. Outfits and small talk doesn’t actually tell what I feel about myself or about others, so. how would a person be able to judge if they had nothing to judge but my personal style regarding clothing? I’ve uploaded like 3 posts here yet, and I feel like it’s working out. You know, me, uploading whenever I feel like it, sometimes more, sometime less. No stress.

The goal was just to let people read me the first time they met me, not through a blog on the internet. I want to be a fresh, unwritten leaf just as they are. Ain’t that fair?

Still though, I love writing, also I love English so I thought I’d do some basic writing on here when I feel like it (like some nights ago when I felt like writing about Jimi Hendrix), and also I like clothing, so I’m not ready to let this blog go. Blogging has been a part of my life since I was 12 and I do it because of how much I love writing, photographing and editing, also doing videos but that’s another project that’s still way too scary.

I’m not saying that I’m famous or that I’m a blogging-genius, I ONLY do it because it makes me feel good and happy. Please take that in. You don’t have to follow this blog unless you feel like it’s fun. I don’t even care if you follow it or not, this is for me, not for you.

Feel free asking questions if you like.

Nostalgy-trip back to Gothenburg


I played it simple about a month ago when I wore this. The knitted sweater has been a favorite piece in my wardrobe ever since I got it back when I was 14 when I inherited it. It’s not in the best shape anymore, but I still love it. I think the jumpsuit matches it perfectly while being in the archipelago. A little countryside-chic, we can call it.

I actually lived on Tjörn which in an island in the archipelago of Gothenburg for about two months for an internship at NA-KD where I managed the influencer marketing. I loved the internship but Gothenburg was truly not my place to be, even though I enjoyed my time at Tjörn which was about an hour of drive from GBG. It was calm and silent, and even though that made me sad in the beginning, it became useful for me now and forward. I learned how to be alone and actually be okay with it.

Now, though, I’m back home in Stockholm since about a month ago, or maybe even a little longer. I like Stockholm, but I’ve realized that Tjörn is a perfect place for a future-country place. I wouldn’t be able to live there all year around, but during summer it made me happy and I felt comfortable being there for a while.

What would the end of summer be without an ice cream? Nothing, of course, so to end this blogpost I’m wishing you a happy weekend and I hope all of you are well. Until next time. ♡