Things you didn’t know about me

Ni vet att jag velat komma igång med bloggandet igen nu ett tag men inte riktigt kommit till rätta med vad jag vill publicera för typ av innehåll. Jag tänker att jag kör på nu så får vi se delvis vad jag själv tycker om det men också vad ni tycker om att läsa. Många av er har följt min blogg sen många år tillbaka men vissa läsare är nya – därför kör vi jag en liten ”saker ni inte visste om mig” så ni kan lära känna lite detaljer om mig. 🙂

// You know that I’ve been wanting to start up my blogging again for a while now but I haven’t really found out what I want to post, content-wise. I’m thinking that I’ll begin just going with the flow and see both what I like and also what you like reading. Many of you has followed my blog since years back but some of you are new here – that’s why I’m going to start off with a little ”things you didn’t know about me” so that you can learn some details about me. 🙂

❥ Sen jag var ungefär 14 år har jag vetat att jag har ett hjärtfel, men ett ofarligt sådant. Mitt hjärta dunkar utan rytm och det är som sagt helt ofarligt, men innan jag visste om det så skrämde det mig på nätterna när jag låg vaken och undrade vad som var fel på mig.
// Since I was about 14 years old I’ve known that I have a heartdisease, but a harmless one. My heart pounds without a rhythm and that’s totally harmless as I said, but before I knew what was the ”problem” I laid awake at night scared not knowing what was wrong with me.

❥ För att fortsätta på sjukdoms-spåret så har jag i ett år nu haft ont vid mitt understa revben. På senare tid har jag fått ont runtomkring hela revbenen men senast idag fick jag remiss till sjukgymnastik efter att ha både röntgats och gjort ultraljud. Förhoppningsvis får jag veta vad som är felet snart…
// To continue with my health-problems I’ve had a pain around my lowest rib on the right side for about a year. Lately I’ve started to feel pain around all of my ribs, but today I’ve gotten a referral to physiotherapy after both x-ray and ultrasound. Hopefully I’ll know what’s wrong with me soon…

❥ Jag lever efter min kalender. I den skriver jag in absolut ALLT jag gör, från möten och jobb till en utgång. Om jag inte gör något alls någon dag så använder jag dagens sida i kalendern som dagbok, så av den anledningen tycker jag att det är pinsamt att visa min kalender för andra vilket jag föredrar att inte göra.
// I live by my calendar. I write about absolutely everything I do, from meetings and jobstuff to a night out. If I don’t do anything at all one day I use the page as a diary, so for that reason I think it’s embarrassing to show my calendar to others and I prefer not to.

❥ Jag är alltid sist med att hoppa på nya trender, men jag har en del grejer jag älskar, speciellt inredningsmässigt där jag inte följer trender över huvud taget men som jag absolut inte kan släppa. Mina posters med rock-legender som Jimi Hendrix och andra ikoner som tavlor med samma typ av stil är de bästa jag vet. Jag älskar även Mats Theselius-stolarna, som många äldre vet vad jag menar, men det är nog ingen i min ålder som förstår mig om de ens hade vetat vad det var. (Inlägg med både stolarna och posters hittar ni HÄR)
// I’m always the last one to jump on a trend, but there’s a lot of things I love which is not a trend, specially when it comes to interior design. My posters with rock-legends such as Jimi Hendrix and many other icons on the wall with the same type of colors and styles is the best interior detail I know. I also love the Mats Theselius-chairs, which many older people know what I mean, but most people my age has probably no idea what I’m talking about. (Post with both the chairs and the posters you can find HERE)

❥ Jag och Isac är på g att bli sambos. Hur och när är fortfarande lite oklart men förhoppningsvis inom en snar framtid och då lär det bli på en av mina favoritgator i hela stan, På Södermalm såklart. Håll alla tummar ni har att det blir av men just nu kan jag säga att vi ligger på en 90% om det inte är något som skulle bli knas helt plötsligt.
// I and Isac are in the making of living together. How and when is still a little bit unclear but hopefully within the nearest future we’ll live together at one of my favorite streets in Stockholm, Södermalm of course. Hold all of your thumbs that this’ll happen but at the very moment I can say that there’s 90% done if not all of a sudden there’ll be a problem.

❥ Jag har verkligen kommit igång med min Twitter på senaste och tycker själv att jag är lite rolig hehe. Ni kan följa mig HÄR! Jag har precis startat ett nytt konto så jag har väl typ bara 10 följare eller något just nu. 🙂
// I’ve really begun using my Twitter lately and if you ask me I think I’m quite funny hehe.. You can follow me HERE! I’ve just started a new account so I think I have only about 10 followers or so haha 🙂

❥ Man kanske inte kan tro det men jag är otroligt teknisk av mig och kan lösa de flesta problem själv när det gäller nätverk, tv-apparater, sladdar, datorer, telefoner och bluetooth-kopplingar. Jag tänker väldigt logiskt när det kommer till det tekniska och är en problemsolver i grund och botten vilket är ett jäkligt bra hjälpmedel.
// You may think it’s hard to believe, but I’m incredibly technical and can solve most of the issues regarding networks, televisions, cords, computers, phones and bluetooth-connections. I think very logically when it comes to the technical stuff and I’m a problemsolver which is a a hell of a good tool when it comes to that.

Get to know me – TAG

Guys, after starting up the blog again I figured I haven’t really shared anything about me. I feel like this time I’m not going to be private about myself, but I’d like to tell you about who I am at least. Let’s do this!

Are you named after anyone? Haha, this is actually a fun story. My parents had such a hard time finding names for both me and my brother. How they decided to name me Alicia was because they were so late and had gotten so many reminders by mail that they had postponed a few times. Then they saw a woman in the newspaper who had gotten a baby and named her Alicia. One of them just said ”What about Alicia” and the other one answered ”Yeah, that’ll go”, mostly because they were tired of themselves not finding a name. Sooo.. my name wasn’t really a wellchosen decision haha!

When was the last time you cried? Oh, I don’t cry often at all, but the last time was one night when I had a really tough pain in my stomach. I’ve had that pain since February this year and the doctors doesn’t find anything so that night I got really scared and hyperventilated because of my fear of dying this young.

Do you have kids? No, way too young for that hahaha

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Tricky question, but no, I really don’t believe I’d like to be my own friend. I don’t think anyone would’ve. Or maybe? My first thought is no, but maybe?

Do you use sarcasm a lot? A bit, yeah

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Probably their aura. I notice more of their mood rather than their look. Just to know how to act and get to know the person.

What is your eye color? Blue

Scary movie or happy endings? Happy endings, no doubt.

Favorite smells? On myself – YSL Black Opium or Jimmy Choo EdP. Around me – the smell of cake in the oven..

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Another country I guess? I’ve not been outside Europe though, so Southern Spain?

Do you have any special talents? I know some people appreciate my singing, but apart from that I enjoy my sense of getting the vibe in a room before I’m entering it.

Where were you born? Here in Stockholm

What are your hobbies? I really love blogging, you know all of the photo- and postediting is so fun!! Apart from that I’d say working, working out and doing a lot of dinner outs and the Swedish fika.

Do you have any pets? My baby dog Zac <3 (push HERE for his Instagram)

Do you have any siblings? A younger brother

What do you want to be when you grow up? Something within PR I would say. Where and how I get there is a smaller issue.

Who was your first best friend? I’d say Marvin and Arvid from kindergarden. Unfortunately I have no contact with one of them and the other one I hear from just a few times a year.

How tall are you? 175 cm

Funniest moment throughout School? I think 9th grade during science classes. Even though I sucked at it I enjoyed the group and had fun.

How many countries have you visited? I actually have no idea, but something I do know is that my family loved and loves Spain so our family-vacays has probably gone to Spain most times.

What was your favorite/worst subject in High School? High school, is that like gymnasium in Sweden? If so, my favorite was science and the worst was actually English. I didn’t find it interesting for one bit, but I liked the teacher himself. He was a kind and an understanding person.

What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume? Irish coffee or blueberry mojito right now, dogs and the Jimmy Choo one I named earlier.

What would you (or have you) name your children? I’ve always liked Philip and Josephine, but nowadays I like Mauritz, Douglas, Valentine, Belle, Lovis and Lykke. Don’t steal them! 🙂

What Sports do you play/Have you played? Soccer was my thing

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Therese Lindgren, Nikki Glamour, Channon Rose and Jeffrey Star I think.

How many boyfriends have you had? A few boyfriends but I don’t really count how many were serious or not.

Favorite memory from childhood? The problem is that I don’t know which of my memories I’ve seen on pictures or which are live memories, but I do know that I miss the times from when my grandpa still were alive. We and grandma always went out for playing and such stuff, and he always brought a Festis (swedes knows) and a clementine. It’s just something that’s stuck in my brain. Miss him very much even though he passed away when I was 5 and that’s 14 years ago.

How would you describe your fashion sense? The best and also the worst. I like my clothing but sometimes I get really stuck in patterns that I have a hard time trying new stuff because of.

What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?) iPhone of course?

Tell us one of your bad habits! Ouuuuhh… I’m a very lazy person at home. I wish I was more productive, but at this point I haven’t vacuumed my room in a few months.. Yes I know… On the other hand though I keep it really clean when I’m working, and the ”work-me” is NOTHING compared to the person I’m at home. It’s like two different persons.

Now though, I’m actually going to vacuum my room and then go to the gym. Tata!