The beginning of summer

// top – A Day’s March / pants – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen / leather – Zara / bag – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen / hat – Beyond Retro / slip-ons – Joshua Sanders //

Nu är våren äntligen här! Och precis som vinter-eran slutar så gör även min praktik på RMPR detta från och med imorgon. Men, jag blir inte sysslolös för det, utan jag kommer hänga på J.Lindeberg framöver och jobba, från och med tisdag. Det ska bli så skönt med en lugn sommar med jobb, uteserveringar, utgångar och jobb. Ser fram emot en låååång och faktiskt ganska ansvarslös sommar. Nu vill jag bara njuta innan det är dags för studier och annat vuxet i höst. Sen blir det ju aldrig som jag tänkt mig och mitt liv tar mig in på nya vägar var och varannan dag, men jag ska i alla fall inte söka efter livet nu utan det får komma till mig.

// Spring’s finally here! And just like the winter-era stops here, so does my internship at RMPR, from tomorrow. But, this doesn’t make me idle, I will actually work at J.Lindeberg, starting Tuesday. It’ll be a calm summer with work, outdoor seated drinking and clubbing. I look forward to a loooong and an actually kind of un-responsible summer. I just want to enjoy life before it’s time for school and other adult-things that’ll be waiting this fall. Although I know that life gets me a hundred roads to walk, but this time I won’t be searching for life, it will have to come to me.

All glittery on New Years eve


This fall I was an intern at NA-KD. At that time I got 40% off of NA-KD’s clothes, so I truly took my chance and ordered some great stuff back then. This glittery set is one of my favorite clothing, both as a pair but also with the top and a pair of jeans, or the skirt to another cute top. If you want to buy it yourself you can do it HERE FOR TOP and HERE FOR SKIRT. Love.

This set is actually a great tip for a New Years-outfit! I think it’s hard to find the right outfit for New Years every year, but this actually really works and still looks classy, in my opinion!

I’ve been stressing myself out over some thinking this last week. I feel like pieces are falling to place now though, so it’s great to finally breathe out and take it easy for a quick moment without that thinking. It’s been quite rocky these last weeks in general, but to feel that it’s finally okay and that I don’t barely care anymore is the best. I’m happy to find myself in a new kind of everyday and that it’s actually okay. Happy to tell you that. <3