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Christmas tree ornaments

As soon as I came back from work my mom picked me up for some tree-hunting. We fell in love with the first one that we saw, so the hunt turned out to be very easy. As soon as we arrived at home we lightened every candle in the house and Christmas music was heard in every room.

I decided that the tree this year needs to have a theme. The theme (after looking through a whole movingbox with decorations) became white-red-silver. I enjoy looking at the tree now since it isn’t messy. This wonderful ornament is my favorite in the whole tree, and it’s actually from IKEA! It’s really heavy and I wouldn’t have believed I didn’t know.

Almost all of our Christmas ornaments are old and have been inherited from our relatives. This one though isn’t. This, with 5 others are our new recruits for this year together with the top. They’re all from ZETAS here in Sweden, southern Stockholm.

Wish I knew where this was from. Might be as simple as that it’s made by me a long time ago? I don’t know.

Love these ringing bells as well. Don’t know where they’re from but I do know that they’re also inherited.

Our top, the star, is also from ZETAS and new for this year!

Mom told me that we made this one. I like it together with everything else. Every ornament fits together but no one is the same.

Well, now it’s time to enjoy our tree together with a lightened fireplace and just sit here for a while. You should do the same. <3

My latest obsession – black heeled shoes

Let me tell you something. Lately I’ve had such an obsession for high waisted, black straight trousers. Almost like a pair of suit trousers if you may. Those trousers to a pair of pointy black heels that stands out under the end of the trousers. Obsession is barely the right word. I’m more of addicted to it.

These are my favorite heels right now and I got them a few weeks ago. The thing I like is that the heel is about 8 cm, which is high, but not too high for a woman like me. I’m 175 cm tall and I really do like heels but mostly just daytime since they’re more appropriate in business situations. Night time I like them as well, but I prefer a lower shoe then. I prefer to be about 175 when I go out for parties. Day time though, 182 works fine. Forward powerful tall ladies, keep on moving forward! These ones truly makes me confident. You can find them HERE! (adlink)

Sorry about the low quality above.. // So. As I told you I would match the heels with a pair of long, straight trousers that would only reveal a bit of the pointy toe from the heels. The green velvet ones though are beautiful too and I’d love to match those to a jacket in the same color and material. Don’t you love it too?

Left HERE / Right HERE

Also, of course, a pair of tight leather pants are ALWAYS a great fit when it comes to high heeled boots. I love this match to a Chloé bag and a huge sweater. The glasses makes it a bit fanzy as well which I like. The cat eye is always a great, feminine touch.

Interior design I wouldn’t be able to be without

So, for me to be moving out is coming closer for each day and that has totally started some interior design-thoughts inside of me. I don’t really know how everything will look in the end, but I do know that there are some details I wouldn’t be able to be without in my new apartment. Some of them I wanted to share with you down below.

As you may have understood from my latest posts, I love Jimi Hendrix and I wouldn’t feel like it was a home if it wasn’t for Jimi on a huge painting over my couch. I like this naked, stripped style since you can match it to almost anything. I prefer earthy tones with colors as white, grey, beige and brown, to a contrastcolor as maybe light pink. As light as possible, and if it’s to a dark wooden floor I’m out. Done. Loving it.

To match the huge painting I’d love a huge couch beneath. I like this grey color, but if it was a little bit lighter and a bit mot beige it would’ve been perfect. I like the mix of Chesterfield and velvet, but unlike Chesterfield I would never choose a leathercouch. Never ever.

I like floor lamps of Scandinavian design. I prefer danish designs in general and this one is a favorite that I would place by the couch.

Introducing to you, my favorite designer right now, Mats Theselius. He makes amazing armchairs and this is my exact favorite that I’d like to invest in someday in the future. Now though, it’s way too expensive. This one costs about 60.000 Swedish crowns if I remember correctly. See this one to the couch in the same beige color. Wow what a match. I want!!! Maybe with the legs in copper though?

All glittery on New Years eve


This fall I was an intern at NA-KD. At that time I got 40% off of NA-KD’s clothes, so I truly took my chance and ordered some great stuff back then. This glittery set is one of my favorite clothing, both as a pair but also with the top and a pair of jeans, or the skirt to another cute top. If you want to buy it yourself you can do it HERE FOR TOP and HERE FOR SKIRT. Love.

This set is actually a great tip for a New Years-outfit! I think it’s hard to find the right outfit for New Years every year, but this actually really works and still looks classy, in my opinion!

I’ve been stressing myself out over some thinking this last week. I feel like pieces are falling to place now though, so it’s great to finally breathe out and take it easy for a quick moment without that thinking. It’s been quite rocky these last weeks in general, but to feel that it’s finally okay and that I don’t barely care anymore is the best. I’m happy to find myself in a new kind of everyday and that it’s actually okay. Happy to tell you that. <3

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