Christmas tree ornaments

As soon as I came back from work my mom picked me up for some tree-hunting. We fell in love with the first one that we saw, so the hunt turned out to be very easy. As soon as we arrived at home we lightened every candle in the house and Christmas music was heard in every room.

I decided that the tree this year needs to have a theme. The theme (after looking through a whole movingbox with decorations) became white-red-silver. I enjoy looking at the tree now since it isn’t messy. This wonderful ornament is my favorite in the whole tree, and it’s actually from IKEA! It’s really heavy and I wouldn’t have believed I didn’t know.

Almost all of our Christmas ornaments are old and have been inherited from our relatives. This one though isn’t. This, with 5 others are our new recruits for this year together with the top. They’re all from ZETAS here in Sweden, southern Stockholm.

Wish I knew where this was from. Might be as simple as that it’s made by me a long time ago? I don’t know.

Love these ringing bells as well. Don’t know where they’re from but I do know that they’re also inherited.

Our top, the star, is also from ZETAS and new for this year!

Mom told me that we made this one. I like it together with everything else. Every ornament fits together but no one is the same.

Well, now it’s time to enjoy our tree together with a lightened fireplace and just sit here for a while. You should do the same. <3


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