Interior design I wouldn’t be able to be without

So, for me to be moving out is coming closer for each day and that has totally started some interior design-thoughts inside of me. I don’t really know how everything will look in the end, but I do know that there are some details I wouldn’t be able to be without in my new apartment. Some of them I wanted to share with you down below.

As you may have understood from my latest posts, I love Jimi Hendrix and I wouldn’t feel like it was a home if it wasn’t for Jimi on a huge painting over my couch. I like this naked, stripped style since you can match it to almost anything. I prefer earthy tones with colors as white, grey, beige and brown, to a contrastcolor as maybe light pink. As light as possible, and if it’s to a dark wooden floor I’m out. Done. Loving it.

To match the huge painting I’d love a huge couch beneath. I like this grey color, but if it was a little bit lighter and a bit mot beige it would’ve been perfect. I like the mix of Chesterfield and velvet, but unlike Chesterfield I would never choose a leathercouch. Never ever.

I like floor lamps of Scandinavian design. I prefer danish designs in general and this one is a favorite that I would place by the couch.

Introducing to you, my favorite designer right now, Mats Theselius. He makes amazing armchairs and this is my exact favorite that I’d like to invest in someday in the future. Now though, it’s way too expensive. This one costs about 60.000 Swedish crowns if I remember correctly. See this one to the couch in the same beige color. Wow what a match. I want!!! Maybe with the legs in copper though?

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